The perfume house By Bortnikoff was founded in 2018 in Thailand. From then on, the house has produced the finest perfume compositions made of the most rare and precious natural ingredients in the world. Many of the oils are distilled by the house itself, which makes the fragrances By Bortnikoff truly unique. Each composition contains between 95 and 100% of natural ingredients.

Dmitry Bortnikoff, the founder of the brand, is an architect by profession and a perfumer by vocation. In 2013, he co-founded Feel-Oud, a company which distilled oils from the world’s most expensive agarwood and sandalwood. The result of that experience was the creation of his own perfume brand, which combines traditional distillation techniques, used in the 19th century, with innovations to create modern masterpieces that have both exceptional strength and beautiful sillage to delight their owners as well as those around them.

The fragrances By Bortnikoff offer an exquisite olfactive experience, a genuine touch of the raw beauty of nature, expressed in pure oils of the highest quality.